The Colonial Farm retail range of products includes meal products and also snack and entertaining products. Whether it is a quick and tasty meal for the family or for entertaining it is always good to have some of the great Colonial Farm products handy in the freezer. For speed and convenience all products are designed to be cooked from frozen and are ready in minutes not hours.

144KChicken Schnitzel

Delicious chicken lightly coated with our special golden crumb. A traditional main meal or slice up as a tasty addition to any salad.  Four 125g portions in each pack.

185KChicken Kiev

Great tasting boneless Chicken Kiev. Filled with garlic butter and parsley, lightly coated with our unique golden crumb.  Four 120g portions per pack.

243KBeef Schnitzels, Vienna Style

Tasty Vienna style schnitzels encased in a unique flavoured crumb.  A quick and easy family meal.  Ready in less than 25 minutes